West Virginia High School Rodeo Association

What Is The WVHSRA?

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Our Mission

The West Virginia High School Rodeo Association's intention is to promote high school rodeo at the state level and encourage eligible students to participate in WVHSRA rodeos.  This association promotes the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship while at various rodeos and functions supporting WVHSRA.  We strive to keep our Western Heritage alive and active, while maintaining humane treatment to all live stock used during our rodeos.  The WVHSRA encourages all members to continue in school as a regularly enrolled student, and improve their education.  WVHSRA encourages members to further their education by offering a Scholarship Program.

State Student Officers
President - Drew Asbury 
Vice President - Abby Jones
Secretary - Emily Parent
Queen -

History of the WVHSRA

The state of West Virginia, along with the National High School Rodeo Association, are working together to give high school students the opportunity to be recognized for their talents and abilities.  Claude Mullins formed the NHSRA in 1947.  As an educator, Claude realized the importance of teaching life skills, and making sure those skills would be something the youth would carry with them throughout their entire lives.  Although not recognized by high school athletics, the NHSRA offers a rodeo program that sets high school rodeo apart from other varsity sports.
The WVHSRA competes with 44 states as well as Australia and Canada.  Our competitors represent many of the counties in West Virginia.  Not only do they represent their counties well, they also make the state of West Virginia very proud.

Our State Officers

National Director: Billy McCormick
President: Rob McCormick
Vice President: Rick Mann
Treasurer: Linda Stone
Rodeo Secretary:  David Richmond
Board of Directors 
  • James Eastridge 
  • Roland Osborne
  • Keith Asbury